Gender, Environment, Climate Change, Disaster and Poverty
(GECDP) Mainstreaming in Bhutan

Local Government Sustainable Development Program (LGSDP) Program Management Group (PMG) & Mainstreaming reference group (MRG) Coordination workshop


Local government sustainable development program (LGSDP) Program management Group (PMG) and Mainstreaming Reference Group (MRG) Coordination workshop was held on 21-22 April 2014 to review and discuss the performance based assessment manual, Presentation on JSP discretionary Capacity Development (CD) grant allocation mechanism and establishment of MRG at the local level and the ToR of Local government (LG) Mainstreaming reference Group (MRG). The purpose of the workshop was also to finalize the Terms of Reference (ToR) for green entrepreneurship business, Terms of Reference (ToR) on the documentation of best practices on gender, Environment, Climate Change, Disaster and Poverty (GECDP) mainstreaming on local area practices in sustainable development based on national and international examples.

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